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Vegetables & Heirloom Seeds

Local Vegetable Produce for sale near Portland, Oregon.


Organic Royal Purple Potatoes

High in anthocyanin.

Have 4x the antioxidants then Russet Potatoes.

$5/ per lb.

This is a hard to find variety.


Organic Inchelium Red Softneck Garlic

$2/ per bulb


Costata Romanesco Zuchinni

$3/ per lb.


Heirloom Tomatoes


Black Krim Beefsteak Tomatoes

$4/ per lb.


Sungold Cherry Tomatoes

$4/ per lb.


Barry's Crazy Cherry Tomatoes

$4/ per lb.

We offer a variety of heirloom vegetable seeds for sale:


-Glass Gem Corn $5.00 for 100 seeds


-Hopi Turquoise Flour Corn $5.00 for 100 seeds


-Butternut Waltham Squash $3.00 for 30 seeds


-Blue Hubbard Squash $3.00 for 30 seeds


-Costata Romanesco Squash $3.00 for 30 seeds (Offered 2018 Season)


-Cherokee Trail of Tears Pole Bean $3.00 for 50 seeds


-Black Krim Tomato Seeds  $3.00for 25 seeds


-Barry's Crazy Cherry $3.00 for 10 seeds


-Sungold Select II $3.00 for 25 seeds


Coming Soon:


-In Fall 2018 Amish Paste $3.00 for 25 seeds